Single Cover Song Name Album Peak Country
Peak US Chart Other Charts Certifications
Hip To My
The Band Perry #20 #101 - -
If I Die Young The Band Perry #1 #14 #1 US AC, #4 Adult,
#12 (Pop)
US: 4xPlatinum
CAN: Platinum
You Lie
The Band Perry #2 #42 US: Platinum
All Your Life The Band Perry #1 #37 - US: Gold
- Postcards From
The Band Perry #6 #60 - -
Better Dig Two TBA Song: #1
Airplay: #3
#28 - US: Gold


The Band Perry EP
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01. Hip To My Heart
02. If I Die Young
03. Postcard from Paris
04. All Your Life
05. Quittin'

The Band Perry
*Certified Platinum
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01. You Lie
02. Hip To My Heart
03. If I Die Young
04. All Your Life
05. Miss You Being Gone
06. Double Heart
07. Postcard From Paris
08. Walk Me Down The Middle
09. Independence
10. Quittin' You
11. Lasso
12. Queen Maybelline*
*bonus track by iTunes pre-sale only

Sophomore Project

Confirmed tracks:
Better Dig Two
I'm a Keeper
If the World had a Mother Like Mine

Other Songs
01. Hey Love**
02. Sugar Sugar (KP, NP, RP)*
03. Under The Bus (KP)*
04. Honky Tonk Woman***
05. American Pie***
06. Me and Boby McGee***
07. National Anthem***
08. Answer All Along (KP)*
10. Don't Change Me (KP)*
11. Down To Earth (KP)*
12. Fiddlesticks (KP)*
13. Love From Here (KP)*
14. Not My Own (KP)*
15. Star Spangled Banner (KP, NP, RP)*
16. BANDERA (NP & RP)*
17. Staying On It (NP & RP)*
18. Too Late To Turn Back Now (NP & RP)*
19. Know No More (NP, KP, RP)*
20. Lousy Day (KP)*
21. Complicated Kind of Love (KP)*
22. Fat Bottomed Girls***
23. It Burns for You (KP, NP, RP)
24. Can't Really Be Gone*** (With Tim McGraw)
25. Moonbeams (KP, NP, RP)+
26. Blushing Bride (KP, NP, RP)+
27. All the Kids (KP, NP, RP)+
28. Back to Me (KP, NP, RP)+
29. Behave Myself (KP, NP, RP)*
30. Box of Chocolates (KP)*
31. Boy Who's Seen it All(KP)*
32. Dance While the Band is Playin (KP, NP, RP)*
33. End of Times (KP, NP, RP)+
34. Even the Mighty Fall(KP)*
35. God Save the Good Times (KP, NP, RP)*
36. H U R T (KP, NP, RP)
37. Hand You Hold (KP)*
38. Honeysuckle Vine on a Mi(nd)? (KP)*
39. I Don't Even Know Your Name (KP, NP, RP)+
40. I Got What I Got (KP, NP, RP)+
41. I Live Inside Your Head (KP, NP, RP)+
42. I'm a Keeper (KP, NP, RP)+
43. I Saw a Light (KP, NP, RP)+
44. If the World had a Mother Like Mine (KP, NP, RP)
45. Jimmy (KP, NP, RP)+
46. Last Time (KP, NP, RP)*
47. Medication (KP)*
48. Needle and Thread (KP, NP, RP)*
49. Night Gone Wasted (KP, NP, RP)+
50. O Pioneer (KP, NP, RP)+
51. Pearl (KP)*
52. Shooting in the Dark (KP, NP, RP)*
53. Sweet Baby Love (KP, NP, RP)+
54. Swinging (KP)*
55. We Don't Grow Dreamers (KP, NP, RP)+
56. We Never Met (KP)*
57. Where Does Love Go (KP)*
58. Wild Flowers (KP)*
59. You Can't Stay (KP)*
60. Done (NP, RP)*
61. Stay (NP, RP)*

+ = co-writen with members of the Henningsens
* = Other co-writers
** = unknown writers, played in concert, but believed to be written by TBP
*** = Cover
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