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Name: Heart + Beat

Release Date: 2016 (Original date 11/20/15)

Story Behind the Name: Kimberly, Neil, and Reid all had different ideas for what they wanted to call the album. They could not agree on a song title to use – instead Heart + Beat was suggested. Heart because they poured their hearts into this album and Beat because of the beats in the songs.

Album Art: Photos were taken by Benny Krown and the make up/body paint was done by Giovanni Delgado. A photoshoot for the album took place on September 6th and also in Indianapolis on September 16th. Fun Fact: The Band Perry was in Indianapolis for a photoshoot and heard that Taylor Swift’s 1989 was also in Indianapolis. They sent her flowers to congratulate her on a successful tour and she immediately invited them to come sing If I Die Young with her that night.

Why the Wait: Update: We now know the wait has partially been due to The Band Perry and Big Machine parting ways (announced March 1st). This split explains a lot including the "this time around it has been 90% business and 10% music". The album has been done for months yet no date was ever announced or second single released after Live Forever fell off the charts. Fans were left wondering why Big Machine stopped promoting Live Forever on pop radio despite its steady upwards climb and the split gave us the answer.

Kimberly said in an early March interview "We're moving label homes, it's kind of like anybody moving homes you've got to pack up all your bags and spend some time unpacking" to which Neil added "but new music soon".

We are still waiting for a second single to be released but now we are also waiting for a new record deal to be announced. Right after the split, TBP send out gifts to radio stations with a note "We can't wait for our next single at Country radio. Minutes away!".

In TBP's live chat on Facebook late December, Kimberly said they are waiting on the business side of the album. What does this mean? Live Forever peaked at #27 on the country charts and sold under 100,000 copies. It is currently #35 on the Adult Pop charts. Their team could be waiting to see if Live Forever goes anywhere in the pop world, but regardless of that, TBP is going to have to release a second (hopefully more successful) single and give it time to climb the charts. Think about it. For Pioneer, Better Dig Two went #1 and multi-platinum prior to the release of the album and DONE was well on its way up the charts. Those singles helped Pioneer's success. In order for Heart + Beat to be successful, TBP needs a Better Dig Two like hit.

New Sound and Style:

It is clear from Live Forever, the songwriters, collaborators, and producers they’ve worked with, and even TBP's wardrobe, that The Band Perry is making the transition to a more pop like sound. They have been quoted in many interviews hinting at a completely new sound and that they are embracing their pop side, Kimberly even said "We're pop tarts at heart". It is still unclear if they are going full blown pop or if they are just playing to cross over potential.

Update: Kimberly has stated early March that "No, The Band Perry is not going pop". It seems likely this album will have a heavy pop influence but The Band Perry will not be going full blown pop.

Info from Twitter: The original song list was chosen on September 4th and finishing touches on the original album were completed around September 26th. Reid tweeted that Neil and/or he will take lead vocals on the song which has the lyrics “I believe in monsters under my bed” which is Reid’s favorite lyric from that song. Kimberly has also confirmed that Neil takes the lead on a song. Kimberly’s favorite lyric from the album is “Hey hey hey I forgive you there’s no room in this winner’s heart to hate you”.

Confirmed Producers, Song Writers, and Collaborators: RedOne, Jenna Andrews, Diplo (Thomas Penz), William Larsen, Benny Cassette, Dann Huff

Possible: Pharrell Williams, Max Martin, Audra Mae Butts, Jon Bellion, Jeff Bhasker, Brett Beavers

Who TBP has been working with by Genre:

Country Pop
Dann Huff, Audra Mae Butts, Brett Beaver (Co-wrote Hip to My Heart and Double Heart with TBP), Sarah Buxton (Wrote Don’t Let Me Be Lonely). According to ASCAP website, TBP wrote a song called New King with the Brandy Clark (Better Dig Two) and Shane Anally (Better Dig Two, Chainsaw). RedOne, Jenna Andrews, Diplo, William Larsen, Pharrell Williams, Max Martin, Jon Bellion, Jeff Bhasker and Benny Cassette
Missing: Most notably missing from this list are members of the Henningsens. They wrote and co-wrote 5 songs on TBP’s debut album and 6 on Pioneer including the #1 hit All Your Life and #2 song You Lie.

Update: In late March 2016 it was confirmed by Reid's Instagram that TBP was back in the studio working with The Henningsens!

Mystery collaborator: We all know that Heart + Beat's release was pushed back and that one reason TBP gave was a last minute collaboration. There was a tweet posted by someone sitting next to them at a football game stating "The Band Perry gossip: They're making a song with Nicki Manaj". Later, Kimberly confirmed in an interview that fans online had guessed who it was.


What do you do you think about TBP's new sound and transition to pop? Do you love it? Or do you think this transition is too sudden and are disappointed because you were hoping for another country album?

The Songs

Number of Songs: There will be 11 tracks with 3 additional songs on a special edition version of the album.

Lead Single: Live Forever

Peaking at #27 on the country charts and #32 on the adult pop charts (Update: Big Machine stopped promoting Live Forever on Pop radio but it still reached #32 because a few stations picked up the song, who knows how far it would have gotten with label help), Live Forever received mixed reviews from critics and fans alike. It was complemented on its big, vivid sound and anthem like nature while others called it a “bad pop song”. It was produced by pop producer RedOne and country producer Dann Huff. The goal was to appeal to both genres which is always a difficult task.

New Songs played live: Best One Yet, Drink It Up, In It Together, Stay in the Dark, Put Me in the Game (Coach). These songs are not guaranteed to be on the album - TBP played new songs, Jimmy and It Burns for You, in concert but they never made the cut for Pioneer.

Best One Yet
Stay in the Dark
In It Together

Potential Second Single: In It Together - fans posting videos on Instagram captioned them with "The Band Perry's next single". This was in late October 2015 so it seems likely that plans have changed since then. Of the new songs TBP has played in concert Best One Yet seems to be the fans’ favorite.

Songs Most Likely to Be on the Album:

Live Forever - reason: lead single

Best One Yet, In It Together, Drink It Up, Stay in the Dark. Reason: songs played in concert

Keep Calm (Diplo co-wrote), King of the Mountain, Look at Me Now (Jeff Bhasker – Taylor Swift producer), Never Been Hurt (Max Martin co-wrote, Taylor Swift producer), Stay in the Dark, U Forgot My Birthday, Won't Grow Up. Reason: Added to their BMI Repertoire at the same time as Live Forever.

This totals 12 songs and we know there will only be 11 songs on the album. This list does not include potential songs not written by TBP. Also, we are still missing TBP’s new song with the mysterious collaborator and the song with Pharrell. It is possible that TBP didn’t write with him and Pharrell produced a song.

TBPC’s Song Predictions for Heart + Beat:

1. Live Forever (lead single)
2. Best One Yet (performed live)
3. In It Together (performed live)
4. Drink It Up (performed live)
5. Stay in the Dark (performed live)
6. Mystery Collab song
7. Never Been Hurt (Max Martin co-wrote)
8. Keep Calm (Diplo co-wrote)
9. Look at Me Now (Jeff Bhasker co-wrote)
10. (God Gave Me a) Cowboy (Brett Beavers and Jenna Andrews co-wrote)
11. All Because (Sarah Buxton co-write)

The last two songs are more difficult to guess. One could be the Pharrell song. (Note: When asked about working with Pharrell and if that song would make the album Neil said you never know which songs end up being cut implying that track did not make the final cut. ) They could also be more pop songs with co-writers from songs 1-9 on the album. These include: Day in the Dark, Game Over (Could be the title of the song that has Kimberly’s favorite lyrics: “Hey hey hey I forgive you there’s no room in this winner’s heart to hate you”, or these lyrics could belong to Look at Me Now), King of the Mountain, Stay in the Dark, U Forgot My Birthday, Won’t Grow Up (Maybe the title of the song with the lyrics “I believe in monsters under my bed”).

Or TBP could have some songs with country co-writers such as All Because, Backbone, Boom, Cowboy, Ladder, More, and New King. Looking at Big Machine’s track record with Taylor Swift, it seems likely that there will be a few reserved spots for country songs.

Update: The Band Perry were back in the studio with The Henningsens in late March perhaps one of those songs will be added to the album

New Songs - The Complete List

All Because, Best Thing I've Ever Found, Better, Boom, Carry On, Day In The Dark, Drink It Up, Everybody Hear Me Now, Fly Away, Free, Game Over, (God Gave Me A) Cowboy, Hot Or Cold, I'm Not Sorry, Ladder, Losing Control C'mon, Love Don't Fail Me Now, Making Me So Mad, Panic, Ready To Go, Rewind, Soldier, Sorry Not Sorry, Splitting Hairs, Thinkin Bout Him This Way, Too Late To Turn Back Now, When The Panic Comes, Young and In Love

Songs added to BMI Repertoire after August 2015: Best One Yet, Keep Calm, King of the Mountain, Live Forever, Look at Me Now, Never Been Hurt, Put Me in the Game, Stay In The Dark, U Forgot My Birthday, Won't Grow Up

From ASCAP: New King

More - written by Michael Busbee and Jetta John-Hartley, Backbone - written by Audra Mae Butts, Liz Rose, Jeff Middleton, Cowboy – co-written with Brett Beavers and Jenna Andrews.

Songs We Hope Are On the Album:

All Because and Ladder: We would love to hear these songs co-written with Sarah Buxton, who was behind their #2 single Don’t Let Me Be Lonely. I am hoping for more beautiful ballads from these songs.

Boom: co-written with Audra Mae Butts (co-wrote Drink it Up). It would be really fun to hear another song from the master behind Miranda Lambert’s Little Red Wagon.

(God Gave me a) Cowboy: co-written with Brett Beavers and Jenna Andrews. Beavers, a country songwriter, co-wrote Hip To My Heart and Double Heart with TBP on their debut album and Andrews, a pop songwriter, is credited as co-writer for Live Forever, In it Together, Put Me in the Game Coach, and 9 other new songs with TBP. It would be really interesting to hear a song with both country and pop songwriters.

New King: Co-written with Brandy Clark (Better Dig Two) and Shane Anally (Better Dig Two, Chainsaw). After the success of Better Dig Two, it would be great to hear another song from them, but with the added bonus of being co-written with TBP. It should be an epic Better Dig Two/Chainsaw mashup. (Note: Kimberly is listed as Kimberly Denise Felder on ASCAP).

Backbone: Written by Audra Mae Butts, Liz Rose, and Jeff Middleton. Even though Backbone wasn’t written by TBP, its all-star songwriters make this song very intriguing and something that should not be left off of the album.

Potential Bonus Songs:

The bonus songs on the Pioneer Deluxe Edition were songs written by Kimberly in her solo days so maybe TBP will take a look at songs that were cut from their self-titled album and Pioneer. It would be great to finally hear the recorded versions of Jimmy, It Burns for You, Sugar Sugar, Under the Bus, or Hey Love.


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