About The Band Perry Central

The Band Perry Central is a fan site for The Band Perry. We are here to bring you the latest news, photos and everything else about the family band, TBP. Our goal is to help promote and support The Band Perry as they continue to make their way in the country music scene. If you have any suggestions, news tips, or photos of TBP you would like to send us, please feel free to email us HERE. *Please note that this is just a fan site for TBP and unfortunately we do not have the means to forward any emails to Kimberly, Reid or Neil. Be sure to check out the other branches of our site! Feel free to follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook or follow us on Tumblr.
We would like to thank our High School web design teacher Mr. Briggs for helping us with the site.

Our Story

I remember hearing the line "I like your lips like I like my Coca-Cola, Yeah, Oh how it pops and fizzes" on the radio, and I always wondered who sang the song. This line really struck me, I just loved the sound of the song! For some reason, I would just listen to the song on the radio but I never looked up the artist.

Sometime later, late May 2010 I was on GAC's website and the music video for "If I Die Young" had just been released. I watched it, loved the song and the video! This video was exactly like "Anne of Green Gables" and that really got my attention. Over the next few days I would hear people call up the radio station and request it, or DJs would comment on all the requests for this new, stiring song.

With finals looming I soon forgot the song. It wasn't until after school got out that I decided to look up the song and video again to show the "Anne of Green Gables song" to my family. They all loved it! We looked up the band and made the connection to "Hip To My Heart".

I decided to make a fansite for them and my twin sister Dana agreed to help. On July, 10th 2010 TheBandPerryCentral.com went live. We can't wait to see how far TBP goes and love their debut CD, Pioneer and can not wait for Album #3!

So far we have had the opportunity to see The Band Perry live in concert 5 times! TBP is absolutely fantastic live, I might add. The first time, we saw them at the Festival of the River on August 15th, 2010. They were able to play almost a full set, with songs from their EP and ones not yet released. The entire crowd sang along to If I Die Young, and some sang along to Hip To My Heart. We were lucky enough to meet TBP before the show. They are some of the most down to earth people I have ever met! They came up to us, shook our hands, and introduced themselves to us. We had made a giant banner which they took the time to look at, and said it was their biggest sign yet! They also did a meet and greet line after their set, which many people stood in line for and missed the next act, as a result of that they even sold out of all of their merchandise.

The second time we saw them, they were opening up for Tim McGraw on his Emotional Traffic tour at The Gorge on June 18th, 2011. Unfortunately their set was not very long, but they still put on a great show! For the first time, it seemed like more people were singing along to You Lie than If I Die Young. Tim McGraw brought them back onstage later to sing his song Can’t Really Be Gone. Unfortunately, we did not get to talk to TBP this time around, but we waved to them and Kimberly blew us a kiss.

The third time we saw TBP was at the Oregon State Fair on September 2nd 2011 which was a show TBP was headlining. It was great to finally get to see a full set by them! It was an amazing show and they played Lasso, which was a real treat because they normally don’t play that song live. It seemed like a lot of the people there actually knew their songs, and were singing along to them. At the end, after the encore was done, we were left with still wanting more. We were able to meet TBP for the second time before the show, and they remembered us! They asked “Are you guys from that river festival?” And they said they had seen our website and loved it! Neil and Reid told us they liked our boots, and Kimberly told our friend with curly hair that she loved her hair. Although their fame had increased by a mile since the first time we met them, they still actually took the time to talk to us and were very nice.

The forth time we saw The Band Perry live they were opening for Brad Paisley on his Virtual Reality Tour. We had the honor of meeting TBP before the show and we had them sign the original picture we took with them from 2010 and as soon as they saw the picture they remembered us as the Twins from that river festival! It is always great talking with the three of them! For the show we sat in the third row and I was sitting right next to the right tier which is Reid's side of the stage. The first time Reid walked down the tier he recognized us and stopped playing for a second to say hi to us! We also got to slap Neil's hand and Kimberly's, and she stopped and mouthed at us you guys are the twins, right? Hi!!! We really hope we will be lucky enough to talk to them again! I didn't think it was possible, but TBP keep on getting better and better live! They sure know how to put on a fantastic show.

The fifth time we saw TBP live, was exactly 5 years to the day since the first time we saw them. They headlined a show at the Tulalip Casino. Their energy was insane even if the crowd was smaller than usual. When they were onstage, Kimberly gave us a shout out, pointing to us and thanking us for getting the memo to wear yellow in honor of Live Forever. They mostly played their hits and their louder songs. During their encore, TBP played Live Forever for the first time ever in concert. The set list was: Don’t Let Me Be Lonely, DONE, Night Gone Wasted, You Lie, I’m A Keeper, Up Town Funk, Hip To My Heart, Postcards from Paris, All Your Life Always Love You, Gentle On My Mind, Chainsaw, Double Heart, Fat Bottom Girls. Encore: If I Die Young, Better Dig Two, Live Forever.

About The Site Owners

Name: Amanda, 23 years old
Occupation: Web developer, graphic designer, and photogapher
Home: Washington
Activities: Former Collegiate Pole Vaulter. Gymnastics.
Favorite TBP songs: Pioneer, If I Die Young, Independence, and Don't Let Me Be Lonely
Favorite TBP Lyric: "Be careful of the careful souls who doubt you along the way" - Pioneer
Favorite Color: Green
Book: Harry Potter Series
Movies: Star Wars, The Blind Side, Pride and Prejudice
TV Show: Stargate Atlantis, Modern Family, White Collar
Favorite Type of Music: Country!!!
Other favorite Musicians: Taylor Swift, Chelsea Musick, The Zac Brown Band, Rascal Flatts, Brad Paisley, Toby Keith, Rodney Atkins, and Miranda Lambert.

Name: Dana, 23 year old
Occupation: Bioinformatics Grad Student
Home: Washington
Activities: Gymnastics, Crew, Track and Field, making graphics and websites, and of course homework.
Favorite TBP song: If I Die Young, Independence, Pioneer, Back to Me Without You
Favorite Color: Purple
Book: Harry Potter
Movies: Star Wars, Dear John, The Blind Side
TV Show: How I Met Your Mother, Stargate Atlantis, Modern Family
Favorite Type of Music: Country
Other favorite Musicians: Taylor Swift, Chelsea Musick, The Zac Brown Band, Rascal Flatts, Brad Paisley, Toby Keith, Rodney Atkins, Daughtry and so many more!